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Our artists

The group of artists that Art Photo Area proposes to the public have been selected after a long and careful process of scouting around the world.


Michiko Chiyoda

I create my work on the basis of experiences and discoveries that occur in my personal daily life, I think I am able to achieve some universal understandings. I mainly deal with stories in my work, and I look for an impressive beauty in printing, I use various types of paper, especially "Washi", which is a traditional Japanese paper. In addition to various solo and group exhibitions at the national level.

I recently started to approach foreign markets for photographers with my work


Alain Cabrera

He is an art critic, curator and visual artist. He studied Art History at the University of La Habana. He is editor of the magazine Artecubano of the National Council of Plastic Arts of Cuba. Member of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC). He has made a dozen personal exhibitions and participated in group shows in Cuba and other countries highlighting his curatorships and works in recent editions of the Havana Biennial.

He has been a jury member and lecturer in several events on photography.


Mino Di Vita

Since the mid 1980s, he has photographed the society in its several aspects till to focus his interest on connections between human beings and the places where he is tied, investigating the atmospheres that derive from it. He has carried out research projects on Venice, Milan, Tokyo and other cities in the world. He has exhibited at galleries, institutions and international art fairs and some of his art works are part of the Malerba collection in Milan and Seto collection in Tokyo.

He lives in Milan and works between Milan and Tokyo.


Hyun-min Ryu

I am curious in some kind feeling like loss of human beings who has been frustrated to face the reality in due course of pursing their ideal. They are some kinds of moments of response that face the constraints, distance between the ideals and the realities, when the human have sense to feel the ideals but it can be soon realised that they are destined to be constrained in the reality.

He lives in Daegu and work in Daegu e Beijing.


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