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About Art Photo Area

With premiere gallery spaces, including locations in Tokyo, Havana, New York and Miami, we operates at the forefront of modern, vibrant culture with an ethos of commitment to our community of artists, curators, and supporters.

Art Photo Area is dedicated to supporting and showcasing the work of established and emerging artists from across the globe.

The artists who are part of the Art Photo Area Unlimited Gallery are all acclaimed in their fields and they work strictly with the photography medium. Our artists are carefully selected not only for the excellent quality of their work, but also for their tireless dedication to their art.

Many of the artists we exhibit at Art Photo Area know and encourage each other’s work, meaning the gallery has become an important Italian hub for this influential international group. Our goals are:

  • Promote authors worldwide.
  • Share excellent photography with the public.
  • Involving the highest institutions.
  • Monitor artistic production.

We strive for perfection in every event.

35 organized exhibitions

12 artists exhibits around the world

15 catalogues published

19 curators involved

16 exhibition spaces

Art Photo Area specializes exclusively in photography.

The gallery aims to discover new talents around the world and give them visibility through participation in fairs and exhibitions.

Thanks to the varied offer of projects by the most productive and original authors, the gallery guarantees a calendar of interesting appointments that can catalyze the attention of the public.


More than 900 photos exhibited!

Every day we think about new exhibitions.
Stay updated.

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Art Photo Area
via Monte Rosa, 21
20149 Milan - Italy

Informations: +39 (0) 46575 11